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2018 LVAIC Teagle Hybrid Learning Program: RFP

October 19, 2018, @ 10:25 AM

Dear LVAIC Colleagues,

The Teagle Foundation has awarded a three-year grant to Lafayette College, working in collaboration with the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), for the development and implementation of collaborative, consortium-based efforts involving hybrid-learning approaches that are appropriate in the context of residential colleges. These funds are supporting our exploration of hybrid and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning that could be useful across the consortium.

We are soliciting proposals from faculty for the development or re-development of hybrid courses for multi-campus delivery. Successful projects can vary from modules and supporting materials to full courses that could increase cross-institutional efforts among LVAIC schools, creating efficiencies and strengthening professional communities. The Teagle Foundation’s Hybrid Learning grant project is aimed at increasing digital literacy of faculty, improving traditional, residential students’ learning outcomes, and creating cost-savings or efficient uses of existing assets. For more information about the Teagle award or previously funded LVAIC projects, please visit the LVAIC website:


Project proposals are due November 12, 2018. Proposals should indicate the goals for their projects and the potential for cross-institutional collaboration and impact. Each proposal should come from a faculty member or cohort. Proposals will be reviewed by Diane Dimitroff, Chawne Kimber, and Jennifer Rao using the following criteria:

  • The potential to positively impact faculty teaching and student learning;
  • The potential to benefit multiple courses offered by the member institutions of LVAIC;
  • The potential of the proposed course innovations for facilitating cross- institutional collaboration and sharing of resources (faculty, equipment, costs, cross-registration, etc.) among LVAIC schools;
  • Evidence of sustainability: continuation of course format or use of modules beyond the grant period; and
  • Ongoing collaboration, or the potential for collaboration across institutions and with partners in instructional technology or libraries.

We anticipate funding multiple projects with each faculty member earning a $1000 stipend. We have learned that the strongest projects are those that involve instructional designers and technologists early in the process. Ownership of copyright in scholarly and educational materials developed by faculty members as part of this initiative is governed by the policies of participating faculty members’ home institutions.

A complete proposal will consist of a project summary, contact information for participating faculty members (indicating one as the team leader), and a list of instructional technologists/designers and librarians who have been or might be consulted in support of the project. The project summary should describe the nature and goals of the project and an explanation of how it relates to the funding criteria listed above. We believe that all of this summary information can be provided in fewer than three pages.

If you have any questions about any past projects or a prospective proposal, please contact Chawne Kimber (kimberc@lafayette.edu), project director.

Please e-mail proposals to Chawne Kimber (kimberc@lafayette.edu), by November 12, 2018. We will notify applicants of our initial decisions by November 19, 2018 and then funding will be dispersed in December 2018.

Diane R. Dimitroff, Executive Director Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges

Chawne Kimber, Professor of Mathematics, Lafayette College

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