Since 1969, the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent College’s success has been founded on the principle of collaboration. Our unique consortium, one of the oldest in the country, consists of 6 member colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley, as well as 6 associate member institutions in the eastern Pennsylvania region.

LVAIC’s early aspirations sought to nurture academic research and professional development for faculty and staff and expand educational options for students. Now, we continue to work towards advancing and enhancing the uniquely competitive strengths of each of our member institutions.

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Our History

Since its establishment in 1969, LVAIC has grown and strengthened, fostering collaboration to enhance the distinctiveness and strength of its member institutions.

Our Goals

Explore LVAIC’s 2020-2024 strategic plan, outlining our vision and goals for driving positive change and innovation in higher education.

Our Mission

To foster a strong and vibrant community of independent colleges and universities, working together to achieve academic excellence, lifelong learning, and impactful collaboration for the benefit of the larger community

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