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Collaborative Initiatives

LVAIC funding supports several longstanding and emerging programs and innovative projects. Their benefits reach nearly every student, professor and administrator. LVAIC strives to provide member institutions with collaborative initiatives that provide return on investment in the form of cost savings, enhanced opportunities, or access to expanded expertise. Our current focus areas are high-performing faculty and staff, curricular and co-curricular programs and operating effectiveness in key areas. Our key collaborative initiatives are:


Sustainability efforts are currently focused on Lafayette College. Our multi-school approach provides a useful basis for more ambitious collaboration. These efforts are aimed to assist in developing benchmark data and establishing annual goals, work with campus groups to enhance student involvement in sustainability initiatives, identify and pursue potential external funding sources, and develop and coordinate community outreach efforts. Opportunities to collaborate and interact with other LVAIC member colleges are also pursued as possibilities arise. More specific campus efforts regarding sustainability initiatives, including the biennial collaborative LVAIC Campus Sustainability Conference, can be found below:

Shared Library Services

All faculty, staff, and students at LVAIC member institutions have access to a variety of shared library services. Member faculty, students and staff may access the collective resources of all the member campus libraries and all three local, city public libraries. Valid identification is required.

Health Insurance Consortium

Members of the LVAIC Health Insurance Consortium participate in a self-funded health insurance trust maximizing cost-savings and plan customization. Member institutions are Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Moravian University, and Muhlenberg College. The HIC Plan Sponsor and Administrator is LVAIC. The Broker and Actuary is USI. The Health Insurance Consortium is managed by a board made up of representatives of the four member institutions and is open to accepting new membership. View the glossary of common health insurance terms here.

Joint Purchasing Program

LVAIC seeks to identify strategic sourcing and procurement opportunities that meet the common needs of our members.

Lehigh Valley Research Consortium

The Lehigh Valley Research Consortium (LVRC) combines the expertise of researchers from institutions of higher education and community partners in the Lehigh Valley to examine various issues (e.g., political, economic, social, health and environmental) and solutions in a regional context.