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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are the foundation of LVAIC’s collaboration and innovation across the member campuses. As many as 70 groups of LVAIC faculty and administrators gather formally or informally for professional development, best practice sharing, advancement of initiatives, and development of programs. Through their purpose-driven cooperation, LVAIC Communities of Practice enable educational, operational, and fiscal advantages that are oftentimes exclusive to larger-scaled institutions.

For the guidelines of creating a new Community of Practice, please click here.

For the guidelines on the LVAIC Principles of Collaboration, please click here.

If you are interested in starting your own Community of Practice, contact the LVAIC office for more information on getting started.

To search for peers or areas of interest across the LVAIC community, utilize the search engine below.

Academics Related

Academic Support Directors

Chief Academic Officers/Provosts (CAOs)

Continuing Education Deans

Faculty Development Directors

Library Directors


Teacher Educators

Arts Related

Art Program

Dance Consortium

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Language Related

Foreign Language Department Chairs

French Program

German Program

Spanish Program

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Science Related

Neuroscience Faculty


Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

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Women’s & Gender Studies Coalition

Business Related

Campus Safety/Security Directors

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Communications/Public Relations Directors


Enrollment Management Deans

Environmental Health & Safety Directors

Facilities/Plant Operations Directors

Financial Aid Directors

Human Resources Directors

Information Technology/Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

Institutional Advancement/Development Officers

Institutional Research Directors

Instructional Technology Directors

Purchasing Directors

Telecommunications Directors

Title IX Coordinators

Transportation/Parking Coordinators

User Support/HELP Desk Administrators

Student Affairs Related

Athletic Trainers

Career Development Directors

Chaplains/Campus Ministry Directors

Community Service Directors

Diversity Administrators Coalition

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International Student Services Coordinators

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LGBTQIA Affairs Coalition

Residence Life Directors

Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAOs)

Student Activities/Union Directors

Student Conduct/Judicial Officers

Student Leadership Development Directors

Study Abroad Directors

Sustainability Coordinators

Veteran’s Affairs (A’s for Vets)

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Health Insurance Consortium

Lehigh Valley Counselor Tour

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Lehigh Valley Research Consortium (LVRC)

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Pre-Health Advisors