LVAIC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the presidents of the member institutions and the LVAIC Executive Director. LVAIC’s core funding source is member dues. The LVAIC Executive Director serves as the consortium chief executive officer.

LVAIC Board of Directors

Dr. Elizabeth M. Meade, Cedar Crest College


Father James Greenfield, DeSales University

Mark F. Reed, Moravian University

Assistant Treasurer:
Audra J. Kahr, Lafayette College

Diane R. Dimitroff, LVAIC

Board Members:
Dr. Elizabeth M. Meade
President, Cedar Crest College

Father James Greenfield
President, DeSales University

Dr. Nicole Hurd
President, Lafayette College

Dr. Joseph J. Helble
President, Lehigh University

Dr. Bryon L. Grigsby
President, Moravian University

Dr. Kathleen E. Harring
President, Muhlenberg College

Diane R. Dimitroff
Executive Director, Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges

LVAIC Audit Committee

Father James Greenfield
President, DeSales University

Vice Chair:

Deanne Fenstermacher
Controller, DeSales University

Committee Members:

Elizabeth Wilson
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer. Cedar Crest College

Andrea Bohn
Assistant Vice President, Lafayette College

Steven Crouch
Controller, Lehigh University


  • Diane R. Dimitroff
    Executive Director
  • Janet L. Baker
    Strategic Partnership Director
  • Charlene D. Bergstresser, MS, RN, PCC
    Program Director
  • Nicholas Cunningham
    Program Manager
  • Christine Carpino
    LVRC Director
  • Chelsea Hill, CPA
  • Jim Robb
    LVAIC Courier

Additional Resources

The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges seeks to promote and facilitate inter-institutional cooperation between and among the independent colleges and universities of the Lehigh Valley in order to enrich and increase opportunities for students, faculty and staff. All brand awareness should further this mission and the LVAIC vision to make strong colleges stronger through collaboration. The guidelines outlined in the LVAIC_StyleGuide  allow for the consistency that build brand awareness.

LVAIC logos are available for our funded programs and Communities of Practice to use in adherence with these brand guidelines. For a copy of the LVAIC logo, please contact us.

LVAIC’s role with key national and state organizations facilitates their collective presence when needed and keeps members abreast of best practices.

LVAIC is categorized as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization. These are public records regarding our financial status. For questions regarding these documents, please contact the LVAIC office at

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