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Brews, Peers, Tools, & Tech: the Digital Dynamite

May 31, 2017, @ 8:00 AM

LVAIC hosted the 4th annual Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning conference on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 Lehigh University. The workshop hosted 82 faculty, staff, and librarians from all six LVAIC institutions for a series of lightning rounds, hands-on production workshops, and drop-in sessions. This year’s event showcased such tools as Hypothes.is, Perusall, Scalar, Shared Shelf, Domain of One’s Own, Livescribe, ArcGIS, and much more.

The lightning rounds allowed faculty, staff, and librarian presenters from all institutions seven minutes to explain a tool they used in the classroom and the pedagogy behind the tool. This allowed attendees to not only learn more about numerous digital resources but also to think more critically about why using technology in the classroom benefits students and instructors.

For a more in-depth dive into specific tools, attendees chose between hour-long production workshops that offered the opportunity to not only test certain tools but also to develop something before leaving the event. Concurrent with these workshops were drop-in sessions were drop-in sessions that demonstrated tools including HTC VIVE (virtual reality), the Livescribe pen, a one-button studio with a Lightboard, a spark board, and several others.

One of the lightning rounds topics, Muhlenberg College’s Digital Brew, was implemented at the workshop. Attendees had the chance to choose between craft beers and different tools in a networking lunch session. This fostered even further creativity and interaction between

This annual conference is a testament to the value of collaborative opportunities where peers learn from each other while networking, sharing best practices, and exploring ideas. To preview all the tools showcased at this event, see the event page of the LVAIC website.

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