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Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Resources Supporting Contingent and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members at LVAIC Institutions

These resources are provided for all faculty with temporary appointments in LVAIC (e.g. adjuncts, instructors, lecturers, visiting assistant professors, clinical instructors) to support teaching efforts, sustain scholarship, and advance academic job search efforts.


Online websites and books informing teaching initiatives 





Below are several examples of how contingent faculty members can sustain scholarship during their appointments:

  • Dedicating non-teaching time to working on scholarly projects
  • Publishing dissertation work
  • Collaborating on research projects with faculty internal or external to the institution 
  • Carrying out and publishing scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects 
  • Participating in scholarly writing groups or other writing sessions 
  • Seeking out available departmental and institutional resources such as funding for conference travel or other support for scholarship


Academic Job Search

Resources for advancing faculty job searches and interviews

Chronicle Vitae articles:

Upcoming Faculty Development Events

These are upcoming faculty development programs:

  • Finishing the Semester Strong: Engaging Online Students: Register by October 23rd
    This virtual session will cover strategies to finish the fall semester strong, engage students online, and start to think about the spring semester, in whatever format you might be teaching.

    Session format will include a short presentation by Eric Hagan, Dean of Online Education at DeSales University.  Following the presentation, participants will be placed into breakout groups where they will be able to share the ways in which they can apply the recommendations to their courses and have an opportunity to network with each other.

  • Teaching Squares Program. Register by October 2ndThe goals of the program are multifold and include: observing other methods of teaching, reflecting on individual teaching practices, and building community with other faculty. By visiting the virtual classrooms of your colleagues, you will have the opportunity to observe various teaching contexts, and view approaches that you may not have seen previously. Your observations will help you reflect on your own teaching practices. During the program, you may meet faculty with whom you have never interacted, strengthening your connections with the LVAIC Non-Tenure-Line Faculty Community of Practice. The core of the Teaching Squares philosophy is personal reflection rather than evaluation. Observers should only provide feedback if it is desired by observees. The most significant element is taking a deeper look at your own teaching during the semester. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program. Please note that due to covid-related restrictions, we can only accommodate online and HyFlex classes. Teaching fully asynchronously? Please consult with us.Questions? Contact Mark Sciutto (marksciutto@muhlenberg.edu) or Manuela Borzone (borzonem@lafayette.edu).Questions? Contact Manuela Borzone (borzonem@lafayette.edu)