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Cross Registration: Expanding Opportunities for Students

October 24, 2016, @ 8:00 AM

Cross registration is an opportunity for undergraduate students to enrich their academic experience by completing coursework at other LVAIC institutions. The program provides students with access to expanded fields of study, courses offerings, and academic resources – all at no additional cost beyond full-time tuition.


Each semester, full-time undergraduate students have the opportunity to search and register for courses using the LVAIC cross registration system. After registering, the request is sent through a series of approvals, including the student’s academic advisor, the home campus registrar, and the host campus registrar. Once approved, the host campus registrar coordinates with students to set up network logins, distribute parking information, establish course lists, etc.


Besides the transferable tuition rates, cross registration students also experience the benefit of seamlessly transferring credits that include full grade point average weight back to their home campuses, meeting peers and faculty members on other campuses, and having access to courses their home campuses do not offer all within the Lehigh Valley.


“Cross registration was a much easier transition than I expected. Everyone at Moravian College was so welcoming, and the professor was kind and understanding about my situation,” explains Brooke Lillis, undergraduate student at Lehigh University. “Cross registering allowed me to take a prerequisite class that I need for graduate school that my own school does not offer. I would definitely recommend cross registering to anyone! It has been a very positive experience all around for me, and I would do it again if the chance arises.” Brooke completed her experience in the Spring 2016 semester.


LVAIC’s cross registration program successfully hosted 115 traditional undergraduate students who cross registered for 272 unique courses in the 2015-2016 academic year, which is an increase of 37% from the number of undergraduate students who participated in the 2014-15 academic year. Cross registration-eligible courses will be live in the LVAIC cross registration system on Tuesday, November 1.

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