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Employee Discounts Available Through Joint Purchasing Program

October 15, 2016, @ 8:00 AM

The faculty and staff of LVAIC member campuses have access to several employee discounts, which are available to them as an additional benefit of being employed within the LVAIC community. Thanks to the collaboration of the Purchasing Directors on the LVAIC campuses, several preferred suppliers and joint purchase contracts have created this opportunity for employees.

These discounts include regularly-utilized products, such as Enterprise and TravelLeaders. An additional highlight of these programs is the personal purchase option from W.B. Mason, the contracted supplier for all LVAIC office supplies. Employees can use the personal purchase option available through W.B. Mason to receive personal items at the same competitive prices that the campuses receive for bulk purchase with the same next-day delivery options.

The exact outline of joint purchase programs is available here with information on how to access this benefit for each campus.

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