Moravian University Invites You! Upcoming Women in STEM Event

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LOGISTICS: Tuesday, March 12th, 7 PM ET via Zoom

PURPOSE: Provide a space for young women entering STEM fields to network with and learn from professional women. We want to empower students to enter our fields confidently and enthusiastically despite the challenges they may face!

FLOW: The program will consist of opening remarks and instructions, breakout rooms, and a re-group for people to share their thoughts. In the breakout rooms, the professionals who have joined will lead the students through scenarios they could encounter, answer student questions, and/or freestyle (IE: the professionals can lead the discussion in a way that is authentic and empowering to them!) A slide deck will be provided to all professionals who agree to lead/co-lead a breakout room.

AUDIENCE: The intended audience is students who identify as women who intend to enter STEM fields. This event will be open to all LVAIC institutions. (Moravian, Lehigh, Muhlenberg, DeSales, Cedar Crest, and Lafayette)

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