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LVAIC Funding for Collaborative Programs

Thank you for your interest in engaging in collaborative programs with the LVAIC institutions.

These program funds come from money distributed from each of your campuses and are designated to support collaborative programming and new initiatives.  As you are aware, all of your campuses are currently evaluating their budgets to determine the best way to allocate resources for maximum benefit to all initiatives.

We appreciate the collaboration and innovation you have demonstrated through your proposals in the past.  As we move forward, we continue to evaluate the possibility for collaborative funding.  You are encouraged to further work on collaborative ideas that may align to LVAIC strategic priorities. 

The LVAIC Collaborative Funding program provides resources to groups within the LVAIC community who, through collaboration, wish to engage in activities that advance LVAIC’s priorities.  The proposed activities should explore new and innovative ideas, broaden audience inclusion, and/or maximize the sharing of resources and experiences across LVAIC community.

Proposal Review
Proposals will be reviewed as they are received and leads will be contacted in the event further clarification is required. Funding for Programming Guidelines

Eligibility Parameters
All proposals must meet the following parameters in order to be considered for funding review:

  • Alignment to LVAIC’s priorities
  • Collaboration between 3 or more LVAIC member schools
  • Communication and agreement amongst collaborating schools prior to proposal submission
  • Participation must be open to all 6 LVAIC campuses
  • Must meet risk management requirements
  • Funding request must be received 3 months before the event.
Current Funded Programs
Current funded programs can access their planning, budgeting, and payment resources on the Funded Program Planning Tools page here.
Further Resources
  • Examples of previously funded programs and their final reports-currently being updated
  • A preview of the information to be collected in the 2021-2022 final report-currently being updated
  • Please note: programs will be required to submit final participant lists in the final report. 
  • The funded program Frequently Asked Questions-currently being updated


Questions? Please contact:
Carrie Gradin, Program Manager
Email: gradinc@lvaic.org