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Funded Program Planning Tools

As a major supporter of the program, we appreciate your use of the LVAIC logo and website on promotional materials and communications for your funded program. The LVAIC branding guidelines are also available online.

Additionally, LVAIC funding requires a final program report electronically by June 15. You can submit your final report here. An outline of the materials collected is available here. Please upload an event program as well as the five best photographs that represent your program when you submit your report. More information regarding report collection will be shared closer to the deadline. You can preview previous years’ final reports here.

Access to LVAIC funds is available via a reimbursement process. Each program must track its own budget. Please find the blank payment request form here to complete for reimbursements. Complete columns B and C in the spreadsheet.

After completing the Payment Request form, please send the form to Carrie Gradin at gradinc@lvaic.org. Reimbursements cannot be issued without original receipts. Be sure to scan all receipts with each payment request. Program leaders must e-mail approval of each payment request sent in. LVAIC is a tax-exempt organization. A copy of the LVAIC tax exemption certificate is available here.

Depending on your program, your funds may be used against a variety of expenses, including:

LVAIC does not issue cash advances for payment. If your group has expenses from one of our member campuses, the campus should invoice LVAIC directly (see address below). Further, if there is a need for a deposit on a facility rental or equipment fee that must be paid in advance, please contact LVAIC to arrange payment directly rather than issuing a reimbursement.

For newly funded programs, access the Conference Planning Roles document here. These checklists will assist with planning and developing steering committees and finances.