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Lehigh Valley Research Consortium


The Lehigh Valley Research Consortium (LVRC) combines the expertise of researchers from institutions of higher education and community partners in the Lehigh Valley to examine various issues (e.g., political, economic, social, health and environmental) and solutions in a regional context.  Through its efforts, the LVRC functions as a community-based information resource for Lehigh Valley governments, non-profits, and citizens concerned with the overall quality of life in the region.

This level of collaborative spirit makes the LVRC unique among consortia.  Faculty, working across disciplines and campuses, create community-focused reports to help inform policy decisions.  This research provides the opportunity to engage students in applied research projects both inside and outside of the classroom.

Recognizing the growing regional identity of the Lehigh Valley and the interdependence of people, organizations and markets, the LVRC serves as a resource to improve the lives of residents of Lehigh and Northampton Counties. Because many problems and issues appear local but affect the wider region, LVRC activities examine political, economic, social, health, and environmental issues and solutions in a regional context. The cross-institutional collaboration of the LVRC also provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of college classroom teaching by providing access to better data, more resources in the form of improved student research assistantships, faculty awards for local research projects, and by bringing together faculty members with similar areas of specialty to focus on regional topics.

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Research and Teaching
  • Community Outreach

The LVRC provides undergraduate and graduate students the chance for hands-on research experience in ongoing studies studies and enhances opportunities for both interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration. LVRC serves as a connection point among faculty members of multiple institutions that may share similar research interests with no vehicles for collaboration on local projects. University participation in local issues also creates possibilities for community members to build relations with faculty and participate in LVRC events held on local college campuses, while also providing opportunities for academics to get involved in community agencies and events.

For more information, contact Christine Carpino, Ph.D., LVRC Director, Professor of History Literature & Languages, Cedar Crest College, carpinoc@lvaic.org.

Previous LVRC Research Projects

A full list of all previous projects is available here.

A searchable database of all previous projects is available below.
The data from the Community Based Information System is available for download and preview here.

2019-2020 LVAIC State of the Lehigh Valley Report

State of the Lehigh Valley

Each year, the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium publishes the State of the Lehigh Valley: Community Trends at a Glance, a report that showcases consortial faculty research on the quality of life in the Lehigh Valley region. The most report is released at an annual event, which provides a venue for local business and community leaders to gather, listen to findings, and discuss opportunities for collaborative action.  In 2016, we celebrated LVRC’s 10th anniversary.

View the LVAIC State of the Lehigh Valley Report 2019-2020 here.

State of the Lehigh Valley in the Media:

Preview prior State of the Lehigh Valley reports here.

Preview searchable State of the Lehigh Valley reports (by authors and campus) here.

Executive Committee

The LVRC Executive Committee serves as an advisory and action-based council to the research consortium. Each LVAIC campus maintains two executive committee members while the local community colleges each have one representative.

Brian Alnutt balnutt@northampton.edu Northampton Community College
Michelle Bolger michelle.bolger@desales.edu DeSales University
Christine Carpino carpinoc@lvaic.org Cedar Crest College, LVRC Director
Michele Deegan deegan@muhlenberg.edu Muhlenberg College
Hollie Gibbons hgibbon@cedarcrest.edu Cedar Crest College
Katherine Grasso katherine.grasso@desales.edu DeSales University
Ranajoy Ray-Chaudhuri rray-chaudhuri@muhlenberg.edu Muhlenberg College
Eike Reichardt ereichardt@lccc.edu Lehigh Carbon Community College
Rob Root robroot@lafayette.edu Lafayette College
Chris Ruebeck ruebeckc@lafayette.edu Lafayette College
Sabrina Terrizini terrizzis@moravian.edu Moravian University
Chelsea Toth chelsea.toth@cedarcrest.edu Cedar Crest College
Debra Wetcher-Hendricks medwh02@moravian.edu Moravian University