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Spring & Summer 2021

Thank you to Capital Blue Cross for presenting this series to the LVAIC Community!

Food and Mood
Eating is often used inappropriately to cope with the daily stresses in life. This presentation will enable individuals to identify stress in their lives and develop healthy coping strategies. Participants will learn about healthy eating and foods that can help lower stress.

Healthy Mind Basics
Engaging in regular mental health activities is important to achieve optimum mental wellness. This session reviews factors that influence mental health and ways to stimulate the mind to remain active. Participants will learn about journaling, as well as daily activities to strengthen the brain’s internal connections.

Intuitive Eating 
It is not just the food we eat, but our mindset and attitude when we eat that leads to a healthy lifestyle. In this presentation, participants will obtain information on intuitive eating as an approach to creating a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. Participants will learn to take back control of their eating habits by understanding the importance of honoring hunger and fullness, making peace with food, rejecting the diet mentality, and incorporating mindful eating practices into their daily lives.

Mindfulness practices can be used to learn to cope with stress in a thoughtful and beneficial way. Participants will learn about the benefits of mindfulness and learn some ways to begin to introduce these practices into their everyday lives.

Sleep and Your Health 
Participants will learn about the critical importance of healthy sleep habits and factors that can affect sleep patterns. This session also discusses ways to combat sleep disorders and disturbances and explores behaviors that can empower participants to sleep well.

Stress and Your Health
The perception of stress on our bodies can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. In this presentation, participants will learn ways to manage stress through stress management techniques, nutrition, and exercise.

Thank you to Muhlenberg College for sharing the Yoga Sessions with the LVAIC Community!

Virtua Yoga Classes Led by Leah Naylor from West End Yoga

Thank you to Cedar Crest College for sharing their Fitness Sessions with the LVAIC Community!


Relax, unwind, and find your Zen while improving mind-body connections through this practice which links strength, flexibility, and balance poses with calming breath and a brief meditation at the end.

Virtual YogaFit combines basic alignment principles and traditional yoga in a high-energy format. No equipment required!

Explore the mind-body mix of Pilates, yoga, and dance-conditioning exercises in this barefoot work out that focuses on improving posture, muscle tone, and grace. Barre uses high reps and lightly weighted exercises to create lean, athletic muscle, strong core, and focused flexibility. No equipment required!

Strength Circuit
Enjoy a high-energy strength circuit using minimal equipment that you can find in your home or dorm room! No muscle groups left behind.