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Lehigh Valley Colleges and Hurricane Harvey

September 1, 2017, @ 8:36 AM

The recent floods in Texas and Louisiana have impacted students from the Lehigh Valley who are enrolled at colleges and universities in the flooded areas. Several Lehigh Valley colleges are participating in a temporary enrollment program to support those local students whose college educations would otherwise be disrupted by these events. Cedar Crest College, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Moravian College, and Muhlenberg College have agreed to offer students that are enrolled in colleges affected by the flooding the opportunity to take courses on a space-available basis. This temporary enrollment will provide these students the opportunity to continue their education until they can return safely to their college or university in the flooded area.

The following outlines the representatives on each campus who interested Lehigh Valley students can contact for more information about this temporary enrollment:

Cedar Crest College: Mary Alice Ozechoski, Vice President of Student Affairs and Traditional Enrollment
mozechos@cedarcrest.edu | 610.606.4666 x3371

DeSales University: Linda Zerbe, Interim Vice President of Student Life
linda.zerbe@desales.edu | 610.282.1100 x1272

Lafayette College: Carol Rowlands, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
rowlandc@lafayette.edu | 610.330.5109

Lehigh University: Bruce Bunnick, Interim Vice Provost of Admissions and Financial Aid
inado@lehigh.edu | 610.758.3100

Moravian College: Alyson Remsing, Associate Director of Admissions
remsinga@moravian.edu | 610.861.1328

Muhlenberg College: Jane Hudak, Dean of the Wescoe School
janehudak@muhlenberg.edu | 484.664.3300

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