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Implicit Bias Education Workshop Culminates with Virtual Learning Session

June 11, 2020, @ 11:32 AM
Dr. Bentley Gibson, the Bias Adjuster, offers a live presentation regarding her research of the origins of and how to overcome implicit biases.

As a continuation of the LVAIC strategic priorities for creating inclusive campus climates, the consortium hosted Dr. Bentley Gibson, founder of The Bias Adjuster, LLC, for an educational session on Monday, June 8.

Participants in this program, which was originally planned for March but was postponed, had the opportunity to participate in a “flipped” event. Beginning by completing 3 assessments that measure implicit biases. According to Dr. Gibson, implicit biases are defined as, “biases about social groups that are often outside of conscious awareness, yet still influence judgment, decision-making, and behavior.” After completing the assessments, participants received results privately and anonymously. With their results, they were each enrolled in an online learning course with around 3 hours of remote instruction.

This online learning module offered an explanation of the assessments that measure implicit biases and background regarding the meaning of individual results. From there, participants engaged in multiple video explanations of the research that created the assessments, outlining the ways that environments influence implicit biases, and ways to overcome these biases. The online learning module also included personal self-assessments for participants to gain understanding regarding how their own environments impact their results.

After completing the online learning module, participants were invited to partake in a live session with Dr. Gibson. In this live remote session, attendees learned more about the origins of this research, additional pieces of background information about trends in the findings, and overall next steps for overcoming these biases. Dr. Gibson also had participants send in questions regarding the findings and ways to implement this learning into higher education, which she answered live in this session.

A full recording of this program is available on the LVAIC website along with additional resources provided by Dr. Gibson. Future sessions regarding implicit biases will continue to be designed and delivered for the LVAIC community in the future. Continue to stay informed of future LVAIC programs by joining the LVAIC newsletter mailing list today.

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