June 2020

Dr. Bentley L. Gibson, Director of The Bias Adjuster, LLC, hosted and facilitated a workshop regarding Implicit Bias. Dr. Gibson is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Georgia Highlands College. Her research focuses on what are known as ​implicit biases, associations that people may be unaware they possess, yet still impact their behaviors. Her full biography is available here.

At the conclusion of this program, attendees would have:

  • Developed an awareness of their own implicit bias (using the latest scientific assessments).
  • Had exposure to the science explaining how implicit bias develops from childhood to adulthood.
  • Learned about how factors such as personality and specific social conditions (i.e. stress) impact implicit bias.
  • Understood the ways in which implicit bias can impact the behaviors of well-intentioned individuals, and that few of us are immune to society’s deeply rooted social stereotypes.
  • Understood how to use the observational method to assess prejudice and discrimination that may be associated with implicit bias in their surroundings.
  • Understood how to reduce and control implicit bias and achieve positive intergroup experiences.
  • Had numerous counter-stereotypical examples of negatively stereotyped groups that will counteract negative attitudes
  • Participated in group/team-building exercises that reduce bias and foster positive intergroup interactions.
  • Participated in a training that steers away from causing negative feelings (i.e., guilt, sadness, discouragement, anger, etc.).