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LVAIC Communities of Practice Bringing Peers Together in Collaboration

February 26, 2018, @ 8:00 AM


Since its inception, LVAIC has been bringing together peers across its six member campuses in the spirit of collaboration and resource-sharing; cross-institutional and cross-functional groups known as Communities of Practice are the embodiment of this endeavor, uniting individuals towards growth and efficiency in their work.

The leadership of LVAIC itself is structured like one of these communities, bringing together the presidents of the six LVAIC colleges and universities to not only govern the organization but also to share best practices and brainstorm ideas for new collaborative opportunities. LVAIC currently has 80 active Communities of Practice serving a wide variety of institutional needs and faculty/staff interests; Communities of Practice can differ in degrees of collaboration, from simply connecting via email and coordinating schedules to actively developing collaborative programs and initiatives.

Some Communities of Practice meet on their own, and some utilize LVAIC staff to facilitate their connections; however, there is value in all forms of connection across the LVAIC community, and Communities of Practice have proven effective in fostering partnerships and creating progress towards shared goals. One such example is the LVAIC Purchasing Directors, who have gathered for over 40 years to produce shared contracts that maximize the resources on each campus involved. This group has even included institutions beyond the LVAIC community to capitalize on these efficiencies and create an alliance of mutual goals.

LVAIC creates many opportunities for networking through its Communities of Practice. Those interested in creating a new Community of Practice or connecting with their peers in a current one can contact the LVAIC Office to facilitate their involvement.

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