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LVAIC Faculty and Staff Resources: Remote Meeting/Course Digital Tools

March 10, 2020, @ 1:36 PM

As part of its initiative for faculty and staff development and skills enhancement, LVAIC offers several faculty development and staff professional development conferences. Beyond this initiative, the LVAIC website serves as a resource for some of this content.

LVAIC’s work toward Expanded Faculty & Staff Capabilities falls into three major categories:

  • Faculty & Staff Recruitment, Engagement, & Retention
  • Awareness of Evolving Higher Education Environment/ Community Through Development, and
  • Expertise & Skill Enhancement

Through this work, LVAIC hosts several major events, symposia, workshops, and conferences. Beyond these in-person sessions, LVAIC also offers a number of online resources for faculty and staff.

Preview the digital tools for teaching and learning, resources for Zoom learning and meeting hosting, and leadership and development opportunities on the LVAIC Faculty and Staff Development page of the LVAIC website.

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