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LVAIC Funding for Collaborative Programs Furthers Campus Priorities

April 2, 2018, @ 8:00 AM

The LVAIC Collaborative Funding program provides resources to groups within the LVAIC community who, through collaboration, wish to engage in activities that advance LVAIC’s priorities. These programs can have a wide range of purposes from innovating ideas, broadening inclusion, or sharing resources across member campuses; however, while each has its own mission, all programs are set to increase collaborative opportunities with LVAIC support.

This funding is available for faculty and staff collaborating across three or more LVAIC campuses with the intent of benefiting LVAIC faculty, staff, and/or students with learning objectives or targets that fit into the goals of LVAIC. Some noteworthy funded programs have included the following:

  • Women and Gender Studies Conference
  • LGBTQ+ Conference
  • Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference
  • Lehigh Valley Society for Neuroscience Conference
  • Lehigh Valley Ecology and Evolution Seminar

The call for proposals for this funding opens in January each year, and proposals are due by March 1. After an evaluation by the LVAIC leadership (Provosts, Senior Student Affairs Officers, and the LVAIC Board of Directors), decisions are typically announced in mid-May for funding to be made available in July for the following fiscal year. The eligibility parameters and the rubric for assessing each program is available on the LVAIC Funding for Collaborative Programs page. The funded program Frequently Asked Questions are available here.

Upcoming funded program events and conferences include the Nursing Research Collaborative of the Lehigh Valley on April 6, the Women and Gender Studies Conference on April 14, the L2 Geometry and Topology Seminar on April 14, Undergraduate Psychology Conference and Neuroscience Conference on April 21, the LVAIC Information Literacy Symposium on May 23, and 12th Annual LVAIC Conference on Serving Adult Learners on May 31. Additional information about each of these programs is available on the LVAIC Events Calendar.

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