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LVAIC Good News

April 29, 2020, @ 4:40 PM

Challenging times call for courageous people and generous institutions. LVAC member institutions continue to serve and support the Lehigh Valley region during this difficult time. Higher education’s support of the community is integral, and together we will overcome these challenges. The following includes some of the ways the LVAIC colleges continue to offer help and creativity for a resilient Lehigh Valley region.

The Lehigh Valley higher education community reaches as far back as 1742 with Moravian College serving as the sixth oldest college in the nation. At that time, the college even served as a Revolutionary War hospital. This was one of the first instances of the Lehigh Valley higher education institutions serving the community even beyond the local students who attend the schools for advanced learning. Over that time, higher education has continued to find ways to share its resources in a way that builds and serves its neighborhoods. The LVAIC colleges are furthering that mission in this challenging time with donations, creations, and sharing of expertise.

This compilation offers a snapshot of some of the ways these colleges and universities are supporting the Lehigh Valley. Please send any other updates and news releases to info@lvaic.org and check this page for regular updates.

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