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LVAIC Leadership Academy Prepares Higher Ed. Staff for the Future

April 9, 2018, @ 8:00 AM

For the past six years, the LVAIC Leadership Academy program has offered a progressive professional development opportunity specifically for LVAIC higher education staff. The program features four immersive monthly sessions at Northampton Community College through the Center for Business & Industry that explore management topics such as moving into leadership roles, goal-setting and attainment, heightened self-awareness, conflict resolution, and flexible management styles. Each Management Development Program module is eight hours long and only occurs on a monthly basis so as to allow time for leaders to practice their new skills and implement knowledge in their day-to-day work in between sessions.

While each topic is beneficial, the largest value of the program is the opportunity to network with other LVAIC colleagues who are also enrolled in the program, creating a collaborative environment that can extend far beyond the Academy itself. Each graduate is awarded the distinction of having completed the course and can apply their new skills and competencies to achieving success in their current roles or aspiring to future ones.

Instructors of the program allow participants the chance to apply their skills in the classroom with special real-world activities in addition to interactive lecture instruction. All materials for the program are provided at no additional cost to the participants; LVAIC sees the Program as a priceless initiative to the formation and development of the staff in its community.

The LVAIC Leadership Academy is invitation-only and is a program unique to LVAIC, giving it a distinction in the Lehigh Valley higher education industry while also being cost-effective due to its representation across all LVAIC institutions. Contact the Human Resources office on your campus or visit lvaic.org today for more information.

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