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LVAIC Leadership Academy Teaching Staff to Flourish

December 12, 2016, @ 8:00 AM

Employees are often promoted from within an organization without any formalized developmental training that teaches them how to manage work and other people in order to produce results. Additionally, it is impractical to send employees off for weeks at a time to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques they need to apply to their new role. For this reason, LVAIC has created the Management Development Program. The LVAIC Management Development Program is a semi-annual course offered each fall and spring semester through the Center for Business and Industry at Northampton Community College. The program is meant to serve all LVAIC organizations who want their Supervisors, Managers, and High Potential Employees to be equipped with the skills they need to be successful in a leadership role.

The four-course program is finishing its ninth cohort this semester and focuses on such topics as Basic Management Skills, Effective Interactions, Conflict Resolution Strategies, and Situational Leadership. Those who participate are immersed in four one-day sessions with industry experts where they not only learn management techniques and best practices but also connect with their peers for group discussions and activities.

The Center for Business and Industry has developed a program specifically intended to target the needs of the LVAIC institutions with ranging topics that include transitioning from worker to supervisor/manager of other workers, managing work and people, planning for achievement of results, becoming self-aware in order to communicate with different personality types, learning how to adjust your management style to meet the needs of individual team member, and resolving conflicts in order to focus on results and promote teamwork. The instructors of the program tailor discussions to higher education in the Lehigh Valley.

The program is coordinated differently on each campus. Staff interested in learning more about the program or receiving more information should contact their campus Human Resources department.

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