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LVAIC Retirement Seminar Series Kicks Off with Identity Theft and Fraud Session

November 2, 2018, @ 10:33 AM
Participants gather at the first session of the LVAIC Retirement Seminar Series to learn about identity theft and fraud.

Participants gather at the first session of the LVAIC Retirement Seminar Series to learn about identity theft and fraud.

The LVAIC Retirement Seminar Series offers an educational and developmental opportunity for campus faculty and staff to explore different topics around retirement. This is the second year of this series, which has served 156 LVAIC faculty and staff, several of whom attended more than one event in the series.

The goal of this series, as defined by the Human Resources Directors of the LVAIC campuses, was to improve faculty and staff retirement readiness through health and financial planning sessions as well as through peer networking. This series includes a dinner for attendees and one guest followed by a presentation on a trending topic affecting those considering retirement. These events have included such topics as:

  • financial and estate planning;
  • emotional transitions experienced prior to and after retirement;
  • understanding Medicare and Long-Term Care options; and
  • understanding active living options.

The series began its second year on Monday, October 22, 2018 at Cedar Crest College with a presentation by David P. Shallcross, Director of Senior Protection Unit, PA Attorney General Office of Public Engagement. Shallcross’ presentation focused on protecting yourself from scams and identity theft. During this program, attendees learned staggering statistics around the amount of fraud to which this demographic commonly falls victim. Shallcross also offered key pieces of information around ways to overcome typical scams, such as only using indoor ATMs, creating unique phrases as passwords, signing the back of credit cards, and more. Further information regarding these topics is available on the Pennsylvania Attorney General website here under the Resoucres tab. Specifically, this page offers resources on identity theft. This page offers resources on protecting seniors.

The next event in this series is on Monday, December 3, 2018 at Lafayette College. The topic for this session is on understanding social security. The presenters are Michael E. Malz, CFP®, CRPS® Senior Vice President-Wealth Management Corporate Retirement Services Director Senior Investment Management Consultant Portfolio Manager Wealth Advisor and Julie Knight, CFP®, CLTC, CDFA® Vice President- Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Financial Planning Specialist Financial Advisor. View more information on the presenters hereRegistration for this event is available here.

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