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LVAIC Summer Study Abroad Programs Offer Expanded Opportunities for Member Students

September 7, 2018, @ 3:02 PM

The LVAIC campuses host several summer study abroad programs open to undergraduate students through the cross registration process. The programs, which focus on language acquisition and cultural immersion, generally run for six to seven weeks during the summer under the supervision of a faculty member from the LVAIC institutions.

The value of these experiences is immeasurable, but they are also much more affordable due to collaboration. The more students that participate in these programs, the cheaper the total expense is to each student. This is due to the group purchasing model that allows higher quantities to positively impact the overall cost for all those involved.

The flexibility of cross-registration enables students to receive grades directly on their home college’s transcript without going through the credit transfer process. This allows students to register completely electronically and to receive a full letter grade for their participation. There is an application process, but the efficiency of the overall program allows students to seamlessly transfer between campuses without additional layers of administration. 

This program has existed since 1981 and has included such locations as:

  • Panama
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy

This program truly highlights the value of collaboration by opening doors and opportunities to students across the LVAIC community that would otherwise remain untapped. Each summer, students receive additional and life-changing educational opportunities through this collaboration.

Please consult your academic advisor to ensure the experience will fit within the parameters of your major and core requirements. For more information on this program, visit the Shared Courses page of the LVAIC website.

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