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LVAIC’s Teagle Hybrid Learning Grant Creating Buzz in Higher Ed Community

September 17, 2018, @ 8:53 AM
LVAIC faculty and staff gather, network, and learn together at a digital learning event.

LVAIC faculty and staff gather, network, and learn together at a digital learning event.

Among LVAIC’s programs this year was the closure of the Teagle Hybrid Learning Grant. During each year of the grant, faculty project groups were selected to develop collaborative courses and modules that would impact students on multiple campuses. The final year of the grant supported 5 collaborative project across 5 of the LVAIC institutions. A Sharing Symposium was held in the spring where members of each group from across all three years of the grant presented on their work.

This year, leaders of the project presented at the 7th Annual Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts Conference at Bryn Mawr. Presenters at this event shared lessons, challenges, successes, and aspirations for others seeking to work on collaborative faculty projects on liberal arts campuses. This allowed LVAIC to highlight both its faculty and staff who strove to deliver hybrid, cross-campus courses to enhance the learning environment for students.

One program that was born in this grant but grew and flourished into an independent educational opportunity is the LVAIC Documentary Storymaking collaborative minor. The LVAIC Documentary Storymaking collaborative minor allows students to earn an additional educational experience without increasing their tuition while utilizing resources available across multiple LVAIC campuses. Without the use of collaboration, such an endeavor would not be possible. This effort allows a smaller cohort of students to maximize the capabilities of multiple colleges, which benefits everyone involved.

Courses in the minor are open to all LVAIC students, but only students enrolled at an LVAIC institution that has approved the minor in Documentary Storymaking are eligible for award of the minor. Students interested in pursuing this minor can register for the required courses via the LVAIC cross registration system on the LVAIC website. More information is also available on the program’s website.

Moreover, the minor also received a great deal of press this year. Specifically, this collaborative initiative was showcased in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Future of Learning publication, the Hechinger Report on Higher Education, and Inside Higher Ed’s When Students Are Skeptics.

An overview of the program’s accomplishments over the last three year is as follows:

2015-2016 4 Project Groups 16 Faculty 6 Campuses 4 Courses 5 Modules 322 Students
2016-2017 4 Project Groups 15 Faculty 6 Campuses 3 Courses 28 Modules 100 Students
2017-2018 4 Project Groups 14 Faculty 5 Campuses 5 Courses 17 Modules 386 Students

More information on this program is available on the Teagle Hybrid Learning Grant page of the LVAIC website.

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