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New and Improved LVAIC Cross Registration System Now Available

September 2, 2020, @ 12:22 PM

The LVAIC Cross Registration program is one of the longest-standing collaborative programs of the consortium. The system went through a complete redesign of its online interface this summer, adding advanced search and communication features.

In an effort to advance resource sharing, the LVAIC Cross Registration program allows students an opportunity for undergraduate students to enrich their academic experience by completing coursework at other LVAIC institutions. The program provides students with access to expanded fields of study, courses offerings, and academic resources – all at no additional cost beyond full-time tuition and applicable fees (e.g., host-campus lab fees).

The new online system also allows more flexibility and functionality as students search for courses, displaying more information regarding the course schedule, instructors, and more. Students can also add a preference for courses should they be applying to more than one to show priority levels for each. The new system also allows a much easier course drop feature should plans change and a student wish to remove themselves from a course. Once they apply, students receive email notifications each step of the approval process as the request moves through the steps, keeping students updated and informed in the case of a problem with the application. Should a course be denied, it also has increased functionality to share the reasons why or to communicate with students with any questions.

On the back-end, the new system automates several previously-manual processes for registrar offices. This saves time and effort and will allow for more automated reporting each semester. In the long-term the system will allow for this program to scale with all of the automation and allow students and employees to take even greater advantage of this great benefit!

For more information regarding LVAIC Cross Registration policies or to preview the new system, visit the cross registration page of the LVAIC website.

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