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New Teagle Award Winners Announced

February 1, 2017, @ 11:51 AM

The Teagle Foundation is committed to supporting innovation in teaching and learning in liberal arts education, while focusing on accountability and backing high quality, cost-effective programming in higher education. Lafayette College, working in collaboration with LVAIC, was awarded a three-year grant “to collaboratively design courses and sets of modules” and build a network “of ‘Digital Faculty Fellows’ who will mentor each other and generate interest among colleagues to pursue hybrid course development opportunities that enrich the academic experience, while sharing costs and using classroom and laboratory facilities more efficiently.” For more information about the Teagle Hybrid Learning Project, visit the project page.

Each year of the grant, a new set of faculty projects are chosen to receive funding from the Teagle Grant. This year’s award recipients include:

Developing Multicultural Competence Across LVAIC Campuses
Farah L. Vallera, LVAIC
LaKeisha Thorpe, Moravian College
Lizabeth Kleintop, Moravian College
Scott Garrigan, Lehigh University


Promoting Effective Chinese-American Cross-cultural Communication: An Online Cultural Discussion Program
Han Luo, Lafayete College
Li Yang, Lafayette College
Limei Shan, Lehigh University


Exploring the Genetics of Behavioral Adaptation: Blended Genetics Educational Project
Julie Miwa, Lehigh University
Audrey Ettinger, Cedar Crest College
Krystle McLaughlin, Lehigh University


Cross Campus (Moravian College and Lehigh University) “Team-based Learning Through Web- Based Simulation to Increase Student Engagement”
Patrick van Esch, Moravian College
Ozias A. Moore, Lehigh University
James Teufel, Moravian College

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