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  • 2018 LVAIC Teagle Hybrid Learning Program: RFP

    October 19, 2018, @ 10:25 AM
    Dear LVAIC Colleagues, The Teagle Foundation has awarded a three-year grant to Lafayette College, working in collaboration with the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), for the development and implementation of collaborative, consortium-based efforts involving hybrid-learning approaches that are appropriate in the context of residential colleges. These funds...
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  • LVAIC Practices Collaborating with Peers in Consortia Across the Nation

    Promoting collaboration, connections, cooperation, and communication are pillars of the LVAIC’s mission. These are the tools the consortium uses to accomplish its goals and initiatives of maximizing resources and increasing the capabilities of faculty and staff. Along those same lines, the LVAIC staff has its own network of peers...
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  • Cyber Security Awareness Month Panel Sheds Light on Latest Industry Trends

    October 12, 2018, @ 9:25 AM
    On Thursday, October 4, 2018, LVAIC hosted 30 campus faculty, staff, and students at its inaugural Cyber Security Awareness Month event at Lehigh University on its Mountaintop Campus in Iacocca Hall. The event included a presentation from ForSyte Solutions, a security management and cyber-consulting firm, regarding its services and...
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  • Student Affairs Professionals Collaborate on Professional Development

    October 5, 2018, @ 10:15 AM
    In an effort to continually improve the capabilities of member faculty and staff, LVAIC facilitates professional development events and programs throughout the academic year. In the spirit of maximizing resources by creating shared development opportunities, LVAIC is continuing its series on student affairs professional development again this year. The...
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  • Cross Registration Offers New Student Experiences, Cost-Effective Educational Experience

    September 28, 2018, @ 8:07 AM
    Cross registration is an opportunity for undergraduate students to enrich their academic experience by completing coursework at other LVAIC institutions. The program provides students with access to expanded fields of study, courses offerings, and academic resources. Since its inception in 1971, the LVAIC cross registration program has offered additional...
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