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New Teagle Cohort Beginning Fall 2016

September 7, 2016, @ 8:00 AM

The second cohort of the Teagle Hybrid Learning Project is well underway in preparing for the 2016-2017 academic year. This year’s group includes the following projects:

  • Wastewater Treatment – The BIG Necessity
    • Faculty from four LVAIC institutions are developing a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach for teaching students about wastewater handling and treatment systems through a visual web-based module complete with educational videos, lecture notes, and hands-on activities surrounding different types of facilities, their technology, and their current innovations.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Discovery to Market (Medicinal Chemistry)
    • Faculty members from six LVAIC institutions with diverse chemistry backgrounds are coming together to develop an extensive library of integrated video modules on the core topics of medicinal chemistry necessary for any gateway course that can be used for “flipped” instruction, online courses, or supplemental materials.
  • Promoting Effective Chinese-American Cross-Cultural Communication
    • Faculty from Lehigh and Lafayette are developing an online cultural exchange project where students from the two campuses interact with one another virtually, as well as with students from China, broadening their cultural experiences and promoting their foreign language learning.
  • Legal and Ethical Questions in Documentary Practice
    • As part of the LVAIC collaborative minor, Documentary Story Making, faculty will develop the new online course, Legal and Ethical Questions in Documentary Practice that examines questions of how stories are represented on the screen, how documentary films represent truth, and the nature of filmmakers’ ethical obligations toward their subjects.

Learn more about the Teagle Hybrid Learning Project and its goals here.