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Teagle Request for Proposals Now Open

November 9, 2016, @ 9:29 PM

The Teagle Foundation has awarded a three-year grant to Lafayette College, working in collaboration with the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), for the development and implementation of collaborative, consortium-based efforts involving hybrid-learning approaches that are appropriate in the context of residential colleges. These funds are supporting our exploration of hybrid and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning that could be useful across the consortium.

We are soliciting proposals from faculty cohorts that plan to explore collaborative hybrid teaching—from modules and supporting materials to full courses—that could increase cross-institutional efforts among LVAIC schools, creating efficiencies and strengthening professional communities. The Teagle Foundation’s Hybrid Learning grant project is aimed at increasing digital literacy of faculty, improving traditional, residential students’ learning outcomes, and creating cost-savings or efficient uses of existing assets.

Visit the Teagle Hybrid Learning Project page for more information.

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