This interactive workshop offered participants the opportunity to observe a faculty search committee as they evaluated a list of candidates being considered for a final interview. CITE’s innovative approach combined video, live actors, and facilitated discussion to explore bias implicit in this critical piece of the faculty hiring process. The session included a presentation of research around unconscious bias and a discussion of best practices for combating individual, institutional, and systemic bias implicit in the search process.

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Cornell Interaction Theater Ensemble was formed in January 1992 as a unique resource for employee education and training at all levels. Interactive theatre combines live theatre and audience participation to create a resource for dialogue from multiple points of view on a wide variety of workplace issues. CITE presentations have been designed and implemented for academic institutions, corporations, professional groups, conferences, and government agencies. Participants leave CITE presentations with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of problematic situations in the workplace, with a visceral impression of the impact such problems can have on members in a workplace community, and with strategies for managing and preventing such problems.

Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Search Process | Faculty materials

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August 2016