Encouraging collaboration on our campuses

LVAIC collaborates with the campus communities to enhance collaboration and cooperation between the institutions. By fostering strategic partnerships, organizing joint purchasing opportunities, providing professional programming, and promoting thought leadership, LVAIC works hand in hand with the campuses to create a supportive and thriving environment. These collaborative efforts aim to empower individuals, develop essential skills, and create a positive impact on the institutions’ success.

How LVAIC Can Help

Collaboration Resources

Resources that encourage the community to connect, collaborate & collectively advance their shared goals and initiatives

Collaborative Conferences

Each year, LVAIC institutions host a diverse array of events, conferences & symposia that enrich the academic and cultural landscape of the community.

Connect with Peers

Through their purpose-driven cooperation, LVAIC Communities of Practice enable educational, operational & fiscal advantages.

Two women having a meeting at a table

Shared Procurement, Contracts & Licenses

LVAIC actively collaborates with its members to identify strategic sourcing and procurement opportunities, allowing them to collectively purchase goods and services through effective procurement practices, maximizing financial resources and operational efficiencies. Members can leverage LVAIC Preferred Suppliers or Contracted Vendors, ensuring competitive pricing, reliable service, and excellent performance from vendors with whom LVAIC has established relationships.

What We’ve Been Up To

Upcoming Events

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Receive information on LVAIC events, program invitations, and publications as well as LVAIC Institutions’ collaborative events and programming. Newsletters, and LVAIC event and program invitations are sent out regularly, plus LVAIC institutions’ collaborative events and programming.