Resources that encourage the community to connect, collaborate & collectively advance their shared goals and initiatives

From conference planning support to funding opportunities, LVAIC encourages collaboration. The LVAIC Strategic Plan will provide a structured framework for aligning goals and initiatives, ensuring a cohesive approach towards achieving shared objectives. Additionally, LVAIC’s communities of practice foster knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among professionals across different disciplines, promoting innovation and collective learning. These collaboration resources at LVAIC enable teams to work together, enhance their impact, and drive positive change within the organization and the broader LVAIC community.

LVAIC Strategic Plan

The LVAIC strategic plan serves as a roadmap for the organization’s future, guiding its actions and decisions towards achieving its vision and goals.

The LVAIC Community is in the process of creating the 2024-27 Strategic Plan.

March 2023 Working Session


LVAIC Collaboration Continuum

A chart to further explain the process of collaboration.

LVAIC Principles of Collaboration

The LVAIC principles of collaboration ensure guide everything that we do.

LVAIC Essential Elements of Collaboration

From connecting to collaborating the LVAIC essential elements guide our many different groups.

Shared Courses & Programs

With the combined resources of LVAIC institutions, students in the Lehigh Valley have access to additional courses and programs.

Cross registration is an opportunity for undergraduate students and employees to enrich their academic experience by completing coursework at other LVAIC institutions.

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The LVAIC Dance Consortium has several shared programs and events that are open to the LVAIC community.

The Shared Languages Italian Program was launched in Fall 2011 and has been running every semester since. Currently, two sections of Italian 101 and one section of Italian 201 are offered each Fall and two sections of Italian 102 and one section of Italian 202 are offered each Spring. The faculty member teaches from DeSales University with students from other schools connecting to the course remotely. The course is offered in a blended format where students converse with the professor via video conferencing software, complete assignments and assessments in class and online, and interact with other students from across LVAIC campuses.

Completion of the Minor in Documentary Storymaking includes three required courses; a minimum of two electives, selected from a range of courses offered by a number of departments and programs at Lafayette, Lehigh, and Muhlenberg; and a final documentary project completed within the Capstone (one of the three required courses).

The required Introduction to Documentary Storymaking will be taught each fall. The second course in the minor, Legal and Ethical Issues in Documentary Storymaking, will be offered online each spring. The Capstone in Documentary Storymaking, involving directed community-based work toward completion of a final documentary project, will be taught each spring. Students must also complete 2 electives, one of which must be a course that emphasizes documentary production in any media type.

For more information about the Documentary Storymaking collaborative minor, please visit the program website.

The LVAIC campuses host several study abroad programs open to undergraduate students through the cross-registration process.

The flexibility of cross-registration enables students to receive grades directly on their home college’s transcript without going through the credit transfer process.

Please consult your academic advisor to ensure the experience will fit within the parameters of your major and core requirements.


Students, faculty and staff from the LVAIC Community are able to use the libraries on our campuses:

  • Cedar Crest College
  • Lafayette College
  • Lehigh University
  • Moravian University
  • DeSales University
  • Muhlenberg College

Collaborative Conferences

Each year, LVAIC supports a number of annual conferences and symposia that are collaborative in nature and innovative in their approach to delivering student learning.

Connect with Peers

Through their purpose-driven cooperation, LVAIC Communities of Practice enable educational, operational, and fiscal advantages.

Funding for Collaborative Programming

Funding may be available for upcoming conferences, workshops, symposia, and more.

Stay Up to Date!

Receive information on LVAIC events, program invitations, and publications as well as LVAIC Institutions’ collaborative events and programming. Newsletters, and LVAIC event and program invitations are sent out regularly, plus LVAIC institutions’ collaborative events and programming.